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Singing Around Town

Want to see Caitlin Sing in NYC...?

Team THE BRIDGE @ 54 Below

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And now, for a little Pasek & Paul

It was the thrill of a lifetime to sing music from the new Hodgson & Wrinn musical, The Bridge at my favorite NYC venue, 54 Below! Our little team sang beside musical theatre giants Eden Espinosa, Paige Davis, Arielle Jacobs, and JJ Caruncho, and with the leadership of my favorite Diva, Robbie Rozelle.
To learn more about "The Bridge," check out Peter Hodgson's website here, and hang tight from videos from the night! THEY'RE COMING IN HOT, FAM! 
Thrilled to have made some magical memories with emcee and comedy giant Robbie Rozelle at 54 Below in November. To celebrate Robbie's birthday, I sang a song that makes my heart soar every time I hear it--and now I'm sharing it here. The full, formal video will come in time, but for now, here's the audience cut, with apologies for quality and endless joy. 
​🎤 💛Robbie Rozelle is one of my favorite performers in all of NYC, and he works literal magic with all things musical theatre. Everything he touches is better for it, and that's not an exaggeration--whether he's working as the A&R Director at Broadway Records, or producing shows and albums for people more interesting than me, or hosting his own brilliant cabaret shows...he's a damn dynamo. And I'm so thrilled to come and sing for and with him. ​When you find someone you love this much? You sing when they ask! Thanks for inviting me into the 54 Below Fam, RR. 🎤 💛
Caitlin Gallogly
Tuesdays at 54 wit Robbie Rozelle
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